Tips When Playing on Online Slot Machines

Just like online bingo, slots is a game based on luck. You can only do so much to improve your chances; the rest is up to how the slot machine you are using is programmed.

Payout Rate

Slots work based on how much money has been put into them. The owner of the slots is always in pocket and programs the slot machine based on a percentage. Say if the percentage is 60% payout. That means if the slot machine took in 100 it has to give out 60. That does not mean it will payout the 60 straight away. It just means it eventually will. The best way to see how often you will win is to check the payout rates of the slots.

Progressive Payouts

Try using slots that offer progressive payouts, as when they do pay out they tend to pay out much bigger money. This however means that you have to put more money in to be eligible for higher payouts. Just be careful that you set yourself a limit per spin as your money can go down fairly quickly.

Multiple Lines

Playing on machine that have multiple line wins will also give you better odds of winning. They tend to be low values each line, but with machines letting you bet 25+ line combinations you will usually have more than one combination win at the same time.

After a Payout

Some people tend to win a decent amount and think to themselves that if they use what they have just won, they may win even bigger. If you do tend to do this then switch machines. Once a machine pays out the machine will accumulate money from someone else before it pays out again.

Extra Games

Some machines in casinos have a feature that if you win you will have a chance to play on a separate spinner that is located on the top of the machine (usually 3 slot machines and 1 big spinner above all three). If you manage to get onto this spinner then you are usually guaranteed to win a certain amount.

If you are playing online then you usually get the option to play games after spins. Some machines may give you a new spinner and theme to play to try and win free spins, while other will make you pick a box for cash amounts. Each slot machine varies.

Avalon II

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South Park

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The Avengers

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Brand New Video Slots Games

Marilyn Monroe Slots

Marilyn Monroe is a new online slot machine created by Playtech based on the enchanting suductress of the 1960's, set in front of a movie theater. It has the common 20 lines and 5 reels format. Marilyn herself serves as both the Wild and the Scatter symbols. The game has a 'Backstage Bonus' that gives the player a starting 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, with a "pick 2 out of 5" game to earn more free spins.

Baywatch Slots

Baywatch has arrived to the online slots world! One of the most popular TV shows in history, Baywatch had millions of fans glued to their televisions back in the 1990's, and now the slots fans among them can enjoy new Playtech slot of the popular show. Although we feel Playtech could've done an even better job with this one, it is quite good and will provide hours of entertainment for fans of the series.

Iron Man 2 Video Slots

Iron Man 2 is the latest Marvel Slots from Playtech, which will attract players with full force. This is the first video slot to have more than half of its symbols stacked. The Iron Man symbols are all double-sized. It has no proper bonus game to speak of, but its free spins round is quite generous, with a multiplier that increments every 2 spins, and a static Wild in the center of the reels for the whole duration of the free spins.

Greatest Odyssey Video Slots Game

Greatest Odyssey, the latest video slot from Playtech takes the player diving into the deep ocean with this great 25-line video slot machine, and has a good bonus round along with free spins and the usual Wild and Scatter symbols.

What's Cooking Video Slots Game

What's Cooking, one of the latest video slots games from Playtech, features a cooking/kitchen theme with 30 different paylines. It has a bonus game where you are the chef and have to make a meal out of the available ingredients, netting you big cash in the process.

Bonus Bears Video Slots Game

Bonus Bears, a graphically superb and funny 25-line video slots game from Playtech with an amusing bonus round featuring a bear. You choose one out of five trees that the Bonus Bear will then proceed to climb. On his way up he'll collect honey pots, each granting you massive cash, until he stumbles upon a beehive that will cause him to fall down to the ground, head first. Ouch!

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21 Jan 2009: We have completed our site revamp giving it a smoother look with easier navigation and we will be updating it more frequently with the latest news from the online casino industry and the online slots niche in particular.

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